Link digital assets to customers, partners, suppliers, and associates

Digital assets are the raw material of the digital world. Whether it's a photo or video, on a SmartPhone or SmartTV, digital assets are the basic material that is created and consumed on a multitude of devices worldwide. 

But it is people who create the digital assets, connect with content, and buy products and services.

You can't have one without the other …

Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) naturally fit together by linking digital assets to people and vice versa. A clear example is the link between products and customers. Customers have attributes such as a name, an address, and a product they purchased. The product itself has a different set of attributes: a photo of the product, a description, and perhaps a manual on how to use the product.

In the above example, using a DAM and CRM system in a centralized system you can link customers to a specific product they bought. Or link prospective customers who are interested in purchasing a product. Using the functionality of a relational database, a relationship is simply established relating a Customer_ID to a Product_ID. Very straightforward.

Enterprise view

The value of integrating CRM with DAM is that it creates a single source of truth that helps you better understand your customers to improve marketing and sales, and helps you track, trace and manage your products so you can react to changes in consumer behavior. In essence, a single system that manages your entire enterprise. Efficiently.

To Illustrate the use of a CRM record within a DAM system, here is an example CRM record in eyebase: