Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Import files from any local or external location. Upload photos, videos, documents directly from your phone or tablet. Manage large and complex 3D files, CAD layouts, etc. Natively show previews. Automatically tag geo locations and assign to construction sites. 

From vision to project delivery. And everything in between (design, permits, construction). You have a serious, ongoing business. Don’t let the simple stuff fall through the cracks. Inform your entire organization on status of projects.

Improve alignment and coordination between dispersed teams. Develop workflows that allow knowledge workers more freedom to do what really matters: create and manage successful projects for your clients. 

You shouldn’t have to waste your time finding designs, sketches, blueprints, permits, equipment and marketing content. It’s all at your fingertips. Execute searches or filters across your entire knowledge base. Filter by tags and attributes. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos. Quickly and easily.

No organization is an island. Collaboration and integration are critical. Integrate data from all internal and external applications, ERP systems, and project management software. Centralize knowledge so projects run smoothly and you can deliver projects on time and on budget.

Featured Case Study: Balzer

Balzer uploads images and videos from mobile devices directly to the eyebase server with one click using mobile apps. Each image evaluates the geographic information of the data and transfers it automatically to the correct folder, eliminating the need for staff log into eyebase at the office and take the time to organize photos. The data is then centrally accessible and organized in the media repository in eyebase.