A Reputation for Quality Work

Founded in 1874 in the Black Forest, Rieker originally produced shoes for the wealthy residents of northern Italy.  Even then, Rieker gained a reputation for quality work. The company is still in the fifth generation of family ownership and a consistent focus on the consumer has resulted in constant growth over the past 30 years.

The Challenge

Manual processes, no workflows to select and distribute millions of product photos

Rieker produces product photos and marketing material in various versions and qualities for each of their approximately 2000 products. On average, up to 55 hours per week were spent managing and distributing product photos using primarily manual processes. Product pictures and marketing material was distributed to few customers only.

Also the internal communication between product design, product photography, product management and marketing was typically not based on predefined work processes.

By introducing eyebase, we achieved an internal increase in efficiency that far exceeded our expectations. To our great surprise, in addition to the noticeable cost savings, we were able to determine an increase in sales of up to 20% for customers, which we can attribute to the perfectly designed distribution of media.

Rieker Manager of eCommerce

The Solution

Automated distribution of photos and defined workflows

eyebase worked with Rieker staff to detail workflows to more efficiently manage product information. These workflows were established to most importantly streamline the process of producing and distributing product photos. To ensure the workflows were applied consistently, all product photos and data was directly entered or updated in eyebase.

Rieker's 8,000 customers (resellers) transmit their orders to an SAP order management platform. Every night, eyebase reads the orders received in the ERP system, automatically creates collections for each customer and provides them with images of the current order.

An average of 50 orders are received each day, each containing up to 2,000 products. The customers then automatically receive a link to their collections and thus have access to the images and marketing material immediately after ordering. For eyebase this means that several million images are processed every night and automatically made available to customers.