Automatic and configurable image and video derivatives

The visual quality of images and video has a direct impact on the brand image and the message those images convey, and importantly provide the best user experience possible.

Each and every channel, and/or device, may require a different and optimized version of an image. Manually creating multiple versions of an image can be very time-consuming. eyebase provides the ability to automate and customize, on-the-fly, image derivatives. 

Here are key capabilities of this eyebase feature:

  • Up to five different formats of the file are created, for example an image file may have a thumbnail, web-ready and print-ready version and more.
  • Configuration of metadata: IPTC/EXIF values within images, EPG values in audio/video.
  • Set the destination folder and/or collection.
  • Automatic extraction and recording of technical information such as image dimensions, dates, original file name, etc.
  • Store other pre-defined metadata where suitable.
  • PDF documents can be analyzed on import and have created additional files which are the individual sections or pages of the imported file.
  • Keyframes can be made of a video´s contents, allowing navigation by individual scene later on.
  • Upload profiles can be created for individual users or made available to all users.