Create a competitive advantage for your business

Yes, of course, metadata. But also the ability to create sophisticated product relationships and hierarchies. Relate any product to any other product, image, video or document.

Add digital media to your print materials. Generate QR codes and link to product details. Track products in a supply chain. Direct SmartPhone users to documents and multimedia. Make your marketing and advertising interactive.

Ensure every touchpoint with a prospect or customer hits the right message. Consistently. Throughout engineering, product, marketing, and sales. Brand consistency enhances brand recognition.

Improve alignment, coordination, and collaboration between teams. Develop workflows that allow knowledge workers more freedom to do what really matters: create relevant and valuable results for customers.

Execute targeted searches or apply filters across your entire knowledge base. Filter by tags and attributes. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos

Featured showcase: Pentel

For decades, Pentel has supplied the world with the highest quality writing and art products. As a leader in innovation and a commitment to excellence, Pentel needed a powerful solution that flexed to their needs. With multiple brands and hundreds of products, nineteen subsidiaries, and seven factories around the world, Pentel brought in eyebase to eliminate inefficiencies and establish a product and brand infrastructure to support Pentel’s growing, worldwide business.