Virtual Data Rooms for Real Estate Projects

Aengevelt Immobilien was founded in 1910 and is one of the largest and most experienced real estate companies in Germany with 130 employees at locations in Düsseldorf (parent company), Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Dresden. Aengevelt Immobilien is now in its fourth generation as a family-run company.

The Challenge

Operational independence with collaboration between regions

Real estate projects involve a large number of diverse media and documents: title deeds, contracts, documents, maps, photos, videos, etc. And these projects require collaboration and cooperation with a multitude of staff and partners, such as project managers, sellers, customers, lawyers, architects, technicians, photographers, etc. Some projects are very complex and require standardized workflows and communication to successfully complete a project.

All regional offices of Aengevelt Immobilien have requirements that are specific to their region and customers. So a key challenge was to launch a software platform that was flexible and configurable to each region, and allowing for independent operations, yet providing a centralized platform for sharing media and documents and adhering to the Aengevelt Immobilien overall branding. 

When we were looking for a data room platform for our client Aengevelt Immobilien, eyebase immediately noticed. In addition to general functions for a data room, eyebase already had sophisticated archiving functions as standard and was the only tool with a Q&A module, which drastically simplified communication between data room participants and the organizers of the data.

Mak Keil, Nexus Netsoft GmbH, Integrator

The Solution

eyebase as a centralized platform

The primary focus for Aengevelt Immobilien is efficiently and successfully managing projects. To meet that requirement, eyebase established virtual data rooms to manage each project. The virtual data rooms include standardized folder structures, all media and documents, and workflows for the projects. Each real estate project has an administrator and users who are assigned appropriate permissions (active or passive).

An eyebase Q&A tool manages the communication between all staff and participants of the data room, as well as the exchange of documents, images and videos.

When a project is completed, the virtual data room is closed and certain pre-defined tasks are executed with eyebase workflows: notifications are sent out to denote the completion of a project to all project members, content becomes read-only, digital tables of entire contents of the virtual data room is automatically generated, then handed off to the customer.