Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Create sophisticated relationships between any product and any other product or part. Relate assets between original designs, packages, virtual models, production data, and marketing content. Even create and relate new entities and properties that meet specific requirements.

Ensure every touchpoint with a partner or customer hits the right message. Consistently. Throughout engineering, product, marketing, and sales.

Improve alignment and coordination between teams. Develop global, cross-media content and campaigns involving both regional agencies and internal marketing teams. Collaborate between global teams using multi-lingual data and interfaces.

Successful automotive companies rely on both getting to market early, and rapidly improving products, to grow market share. Reducing time to market requires a solution that facilitates centralized access and a consistent process to move products quickly through the lifecycle.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time finding designs, sketches, packages, product specs, and marketing content. It’s all at your fingertips. Execute searches or filters across your entire knowledge base. Filter by tags and attributes. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos. Quickly and easily.

Featured Case Study

For more than 100 years, BMW has stood for sheer driving pleasure, and to continue its growth, BMW needed to be more efficient, improve coordination between teams, and generate insights to compete and achieve business results. Multiple data sources needed to be integrated and linked, including a vast amount of visual media,  photographs, CAD drawings, 3D visualizations, technical documents and specifications, and archival and historical material. BMW has been an eyebase customer since 1997.