Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Ensure every touchpoint with a prospect or customer hits the right message. Consistently. Easily communicate and link your brand to all digital and social platforms for improved brand recognition and brand loyalty.

Dramatic changes are happening as a consequence of changing customer behavior. Reduce your time to market for new products by establishing centralized access and a consistent process to move products quickly through the product lifecycle.

Design and distribute to all channels using triggers and automation. Link and coordinate teams to share content and guidelines. Enable regional marketing teams to localize marketing collateral.

Assemble, document and manage all audits, risk assessments, and monitoring of regulatory compliance requirements. Create approval workflows and automated notifications to disseminate accurate and timely compliance information.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time finding content. It’s all at your fingertips. Execute searches or filters across your entire knowledge base. Filter by tags and attributes. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos. Quickly and easily.

Featured Case Study: Aengevelt

All regional offices of Aengevelt Immobilien have requirements that are specific to their region and customers. So a key challenge was to launch a software platform that was flexible and configurable to each region, and allowing for independent operations, yet providing a centralized platform for sharing media and documents and adhering to the Aengevelt Immobilien overall branding. 

eyebase established virtual data rooms to manage each project. The virtual data rooms include standardized folder structures, all media and documents, and workflows for the projects.