Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Import files from any local or external location. Import from spreadsheets, export to spreadsheets. Single files or entire folders. Smart-tag based on pre-set profiles. Then publish to the web or internal or public portals.

Create sophisticated relationships between any asset in a collection, physical or digital. Relate assets to contracts, usage rights, courses, promotions, etc. Even create and relate new entities and properties that meet specific requirements.

Taxonomies are an absolute necessity to properly categorize and classify arts and cultural assets. You need a flexible and configurable vocabulary with the ability to create thesauri and thesaurus keys, and easily import custom or alternative thesauri. 

You shouldn’t have to waste your time finding content. It’s all at your fingertips. Execute searches or filters across your entire knowledge base. Filter by tags and attributes. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos. Quickly and easily.

No organization is an island. Collaboration and integration are critical. Integrate data from all internal and external applications, web, mobile applications, content managements systems, collections, learning platforms, and social media. Centralize knowledge for better insights for improved experiences.

Featured Case Study: Humboldt Forum Berlin

The goal of the Humboldt Forum digital team was straightforward and ambitious: integrate digital asset management with collections management. And for that the Humboldt Forum selected eyebase. eyebase was able to easily integrate with the CMS, and with close collaboration between all museum stakeholders, launch and manage the Humboldt Forum, one of the most expensive and ambitious culture projects in Europe.