Permission management for improved control of content

eyebase account management allows administrators to define what users can do inside the eyebase application using fine-grained permissions. Permissions are set on folder level, and stored inside each data item. 

Here is a complete list of permission options: 

  • View data
  • Add data to folder 
  • Remove data from folder 
  • Edit data
  • Delete data 
  • Create subfolder 
  • Rename folder 
  • Delete folder 
  • View subfolder 
  • Move subfolder 
  • Folder opened permanently? (y/n) 
  • Change permissions 
  • Change/edit folder properties 
  • Transfer properties/authorization to subfolder


eyebase also provides field level permissions, and together with the Workflow Module, even permissions on list entry levels. With that all users might set a certain list field to diverse entries but only one user is able to select “approved” from this list. And once set, it cannot be undone by others.