eyebase Connected Digital Asset Management (cDAM)

With eyebase cDAM you intelligently link your file assets such as images, videos, graphics and layouts with documents such as contracts or documentation. 

Link even with data that are not files: Projects, product data, campaigns, articles, FAQs, inside or outside eyebase cDAM.This allows you to map your company's processes far better than with systems that only manage isolated data sets and cause redundancies.

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Focus: Knowledge

In 1997, Bernd Bischoff and Volker Scheck started their company with a shared passion for motorsport. And racing is still the core competence of Bischoff + Scheck. Their adaptive racing trailers provide safe transport of high-tech vehicles. 

With over 70 highly-qualified employees in a wide variety of departments, Bischoff + Scheck required a solution that enabled a sequence of interwoven knowledge and processes to meet each client's needs.