Create a competitive advantage for your organization

Improve alignment and coordination between dispersed teams. Consistently use uniform standards and protocols for design and multi-channel deployment. Develop workflows that allow knowledge workers more freedom to do what really matters: create and manage compelling content. 

Create a digital-first approach to your brand identity. Design and distribute to all channels using triggers and automation. Develop and standardize a simple visual language and templates that perform seamlessly across all devices.

Don’t spend half your day looking for content. Execute searches or filters across your entire collection of content. Filter by tags and attributes. Find text in any file type. Search by maps and even find scenes in videos. Tag and search in multiple languages. Quickly and easily. 

Integrate data from all internal and external applications, significantly adding to your overall knowledge base to make better decisions and take advantage of new opportunities for content distribution for any channel.

Approve and publish material using Web2Print. Templates and ecommerce allow you to easily control brand management and content. Submit print jobs on a website using an easy-to-use interface. Deploy for multiple services including variable data printing, photo printing, booklets, and marketing campaigns.

Featured Case Study

The Gardeners of Eden is a cooperative association of around 60 garden designers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. eyebase provides each garden design company with its own account for images, projects, customer solutions, construction progress and documentation. Each garden company can customize and manage eyebase according to their specific requirements. eyebase comprehensively manages the media assets and project details from vision to project delivery.