Create a competitive advantage for your business

Yes, of course, metadata. But also the ability to create sophisticated product relationships and hierarchies. Relate any product to any other product or digital asset. Synchronize and update accurate product data and content across enterprise/digital commerce platforms. 

From concept to launch. And everything in between (for example, the supply chain). You have a serious, ongoing business. Don’t let the simple stuff fall through the cracks. 

Ensure every touchpoint with a prospect or customer hits the right message. Consistently. Throughout design, production, merchandising, marketing, and sales.

Improve alignment and coordination between teams. Develop workflows that allow knowledge workers more freedom to do what really matters: design and produce compelling products for consumers.

Bring together disparate, siloed data to enable better communication between buyers, suppliers, and financial institutions and customers. Link real-world goods and virtual non-fungible tokens (NFT) for customers to own products digitally and not just physically.

Featured Case Study: Rieker

For Rieker, eyebase streamlined the photo production process for over 6,000 products, in each of two seasons, and working with two photo studios. Photos are shot, fed into Eyebase, retouched, authorized and automatically tagged and then managed in Eyebase. Marketing collateral for Rieker is also managed in eyebase. Due to consistent and fully automatic distribution of product photos and marketing material, Rieker realized a 25% improvement in revenue.