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Editorial system RED-IO - eyebase DAM included

New integration of eyebase into Hamburg-based editorial system

We are pleased to present you the new integration: the editorial system RED-IO of the Hamburg-based company LernDesign gets a digital asset management base module through eyebase, which has been configured especially for the requirements of publishers.

RED-IO - eyebase DAM included

Thus, RED-IO gains functional areas that enormously complement and enrich the handling in everyday editorial work. RED-IO - eyebase DAM included - enables simple image management that is accessible online and across all media channels. The digital asset management functions are seamlessly integrated into the RED-IO system, so that required media are always at hand.
The process of adding and managing images to articles is simplified. You can write your article, select appropriate images from the image database, and determine the appropriate publishing channel. This means that you not only save many manual operations and thus time, but also eliminate duplicates and sources of errors.

The eyebase DAM extends the functionality of the editorial system and is especially tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized magazine editorial offices. It is supposed to contribute to increase the productivity of editorial offices, to improve the quality of publications and to simplify workflows.

RED-IO editorial system and eyebase DAM
Photo: © LernDesign

The processes involved in writing articles are considerably simplified for editors. They thus manage images and other media consistently, simply organized and intuitively with an easy-to-use article, image and media database.