Manage media with software - 
what do you call such a system?

Many names for one and the same thing? Digital asset management, media asset management, image database...?
The efficient management and organization of digital media is more important than ever in companies today. But although the demand for corresponding systems in areas such as marketing, business, e-commerce, product experience, product management, customer journey, webshops and CRM is high, only a few people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland actually use the term "Digital Asset Management" (DAM).

Multiple terms:

If you talk to others about DAM systems, you will find that there are a variety of terms that refer to similar systems. Terms like "image database," "image database software," "media management system," and many others are commonly used to describe the functions and features of DAM systems.

The search for the right name:

For us as providers of such software, finding the right name for our product is an exciting challenge. The variety of designations shows that the meaning and potential of DAM goes far beyond the term itself.

A survey on the designation:

We would like to hear your opinion! Which term would you most likely use to describe such systems?

Managing media with software - what do you call such a system? Digital Asset Management?

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