eyebase cDAM - MAM/DAM retread

A small (R)Evolution

The eyebase cDAM goes beyond traditional DAM/MAM systems and image databases. Connect everything to everything: images & contracts, videos & addresses, documents & products, images of product variants & product data. Floor plans, project data, ingredient lists, manuals, flip catalogs... whatever is relevant to your business.

Logical? Yes. Practical? Absolutely. When everything is connected, you have less to search for.

We are curious.

Do you know long software demonstrations with demo data? So do we. That's why we do things differently.

We are curious about your ideas and your project goals, and we show you how the eyebase cDAM can be set up for them. As a suggestion, we have compiled a wide variety of projects for you here.

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eyebase Connected DAM (cDAM)
Photo: © CMB Informationssysteme GmbH

Integrate eyebase into your system landscape

The eyebase cDAM can be integrated into your systems easily and with short project runtimes. It can be connected to your systems via a comprehensive API: E-commerce platforms, CRM, PIM and ERP systems, other databases, GIS systems and more. We can connect your Adobe Creative applications, Microsoft Office programs, and content management systems like Typo3 and Wordpress, as well as your favorite AI systems.

Flexible for different business areas

You are working in marketing, facility management, retail, customer service, public relations or industry? The eyebase cDAM helps you to efficiently link and manage media files and data from all business areas.

Cloud or "On Premise"?

As one of the few systems on the market, eyebase cDAM can be operated both as a cloud solution (SaaS) and locally on your own servers ("On Premise") in your own network. Maximum security for your company is thus guaranteed.