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Set up Quickly

User Management

Easily access bulk data for editing, set privacy permissions that think for you, and offer users an intuitive and secure login experience.

  • Multiple user roles: Support different user roles like system administrators, content creators, editors and research-only users
  • User bulk import: Import and export users in bulk using Excel to make quick changes across all users.
  • Privacy based on user group permissions: Set detailed permissions for both individual users and user groups.
  • Hierarchy-based inherited permissions: Permission settings that roll down to sub assets when specified.
  • LDAP integration: Streamline user login processes and automate administrative tasks, such as creating users and assigning them roles, with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • SAML & SSO identity management: Allow users to jump seamlessly from other portals without logging in. Authenticate and authorize through Single Sign-On (SSO).