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The Vorarlberg Provincial Library (Vorarlberger Landesbibliothek) saves, on a daily basis, any TV materal broadcast that relates to the province. eyebase uses pre-set recording times in Recoding Sation. It is also cofigured to automatically include other programs which contain certain keywords.

Recorded material passes dirctly into the eyebase hot folder structure, which intitiates a seamless and fully automatic process, making it good for internet usage, generating key-frames and finally putting the original in a long-term archive.

Through the digitalisation of VHS recordings and ongoing capture of programs eyebase is already managing about 60TB of material, made from 140.000 radio und television broadcasts.

CustomerVorarlberg Provincial Government (Austria)
Size of Organisation1.600 employees
eyebase in use since10/2007
Installation detailseyebase-Video with IPTV interface
SQL Server database with 60+ TB in files
30+ users, single language user interface (German)