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The Mission

Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology business dedicated to helping improve people´s lives. With more than 1000 products, 11000 employeed in 90 countries the company realizes a turnover of more than US$ 4 billion.

Especially in the medical sector documentation plays a very important role. Different types of documents exist for doctors, hospitals, surgeons and patients. Some documents are important to be distributed quickly in their very last and updated version. Others are important to just be available for marketing and information purpouses. Product specifications, technical manuals, medical guidelines all underly high standards.

As a market leader it is important for Smith & Nephew to supply customers and partners with up to date information electronically and as printed materi- al relieably, fast and efficiently. With the same drive for innovation the company invents and improves their medical products, eyebase implemented a well thought through document workflow.

The Solution

eyebase mediasuite not only manages all picture assets but also all documents of the company. Certain documents can be downloaded by partners (doctors, hospitals, distributors) using the eyebase e.commerce module.

Besides their electronic versions the documents can also be purchased as printed material. Orders are being collected and processed by eyebase, automatically finalized with eyebase´s Web2Print module and forwarded as PDFs to a printer who acts as a fulfillment partner for the delivery process.

Once a month eyebase produces reports and collective invoices that are sent out to the customers.

CustomerSmith & Nephew
Size of organisation11000 employees in 90 countries
eyebase in use since03/2010
Installation detailseyebase mediasuite
mySQL database with 80+ GB Data
Anzahl Benutzer: 80 mit e.commerce Modul
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