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Graupner, a traditional German family business in third generation, celebrated it´s 80th birthday in 2010. The company manufactures top-quality RC-toys and proves to work with high class logistics and some excellent technical expertise as a market leader.

Graupner has to provide several distribution channels with current product information about the whole product range subject to quite frequent updates and innovations.

eyebase Media Asset Management is located in the heart of media systems, with other systems like the Graupner owned webshop, an amazon and conrad electronic webshop as well as a professional semi-automatic cataloge publishing system around it. Completely embedded in the media workflow of course also photographers and graphic artists as subcontractors have complete access to the system.
eyebase´s export module caters for regular automatic updates of visual as well as product information related content to all surrounding systems.

CustomerGraupner RC Toys
Size of organisation165 employees
eyebase in use since03/2009
Installation detailseyebase mediasuite
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