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With eyebase mediasuite all departments, dealers and partners, world-wide, are supplied with the latest information. In addition to a large image and logo library the current price lists and catalogs are distributed in electronic form.

Users appreciate the ability to select suitable images themselves and immediately download them in the correct format.

Transmission of files has been greatly simplified: the employee responsible for resolving queries, for example from journalists, simply creates a collection of relevant images. An E-mail is sent containing a link to the collection and the recipient can simply retrieve the required files in any of the available resolutions in their own time.

The system is hosted by eyebase, so Stoll Giroflex and its partners can use the system without the need to administer it.

CustomerStoll Giroflex AG (Schweiz)
SectorOffice Furniture (Fabrication & Sale)
Size of Organisation350 employees
eyebase in use since05/2008
Installation detailseyebase mediasuite for images and documents
SQL Server database and 20+ TB files
Users: > 500
Languages: 5