Free 135-Point DAM Checklist


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If you are like most organizations, the volume of images, videos and documents that your company is creating is multiplying exponentially every year! You’ve probably found that your team has done their best to develop a unique workflow to take creative from original ‘shot’ to ecommerce ‘shop’. But sometimes last minute changes still lead to chaotic late nights! So much for inner peace and harmony!

If only your team had an efficient hub to streamline your digital media life cycle. Wouldn’t that be a DAM good idea?! Well good news… such a hub exists and it’s called a ‘DAM’ – a Digital Asset Management system.

Now choosing the right DAM is a big decision for your organization. Although it sounds simple on the surface, there are literally hundreds of features to consider when you look under the hood of a DAM.

To help you in your quest, we spend hundreds of hours bringing together the ultimate DAM Checklist. It is packed with 135 features to help you grow in your understanding of what is possible in the world of creative digital workflows. And it’s not our first rodeo! For 27 years, eyebase has streamlined the creative life cycle, from ingesting and organizing to collaborating and publishing creative content in every form.

We hope this DAM Checklist will save you time as you search for the perfect DAM for you. Download it today!