The Metropolitan Region of Munich includes 26 districts and 6 independent cities of southern Bavaria. It covers a total area of 24,677 square meters and is almost as large as Belgium. Surrounding the metropolitan region, there are countless German and European destinations that can be easily reached in no time. The region plays a central role in both the highway and railway network, and is home to Germany´s second largest airport. The region is a leader in the fields of economics and research.

As an association, the Metropolitan Region of Munich supports the networking of all regional stakeholders – be it the cities, towns and counties, chambers, businesses and educational institutions to ensure a long-term competitive advantage. This is a task that assumes effective internal communication and a strong public presence with perfect brand management. They also host a photography competition that is carried out by a small team.

The Solution

eyebase was used as an image database and document management system in the press department. This eyebase installation is a good example of how even a small system can provide improvements in efficiency. In particular, images were systematically managed, which has reduced costs and workload.

One example is the photography competition campaign 2014 the press team hosted. With the help of eyebase, the small press team was able to carry out a photography competition. The otherwise time consuming action was powered by the flexible features of eyebase.

Via the Upload Module the entries from the Metropolitan Region of Munich website landed directly in eyebase, enriched with metadata (name of the sender, category, etc.). At the end of the competition, the entries were sent using eyebase to jury members who did their reviews online. Via eyebase, selected entries were sent to the jury who selected the winner. The jury´s communication and the entire selection process took place 100% online.


Metropolitan Region of Munich



Size of organization

26 districts and 6 independent cities of southern Bavaria

eyebase in use since


Installation details

  • eyebase mediasuite
  • MS-SQL Database with > 300 GB
  • Advanced Download

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