The Challenge

Hotellerie Suisse is the association that represents the interests of 3,000+ members, including 2,500 hotels, nationally and internationally. They are the central source for countless hotel images, and needed to simplify the management of visual content for all its members. The large amount of data being distributed also required a high performing system. The management of images, especially distributing unified content to different sites has always been a complex and costly process for individual hotels. Hotellerie Suisse was looking for a solution to serve all of their members. 

The Solution

Using eyebase, images for over 2,500 hotels are now easily distributed to multiple booking engine web sites, including standardized metadata and descriptions. They are also used on the Hotellerie Suisse web site as well. The organisation itself can view data about all their members using the eyebase sysem in the back office. This solution has saved time and increased their responsiveness in the fast-paced tourism industry.


Hotellerie Suisse



Size of organization

3,000+ members

eyebase in use since


Installation details

  • eyebase mediasuite
  • MS-SQL Datenbank with > 80 GB data
  • Users: 2,000
  • Languages: 4

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