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eyebase mediasuite is installed at SMEs (small – medium sized enterprises), corporates, government organisations, universities and NGOs (non-governmental organisations). There are many different applications of eyebase across all sectors.


  • portrait eike ott (1) Kraft All Media From a viewpoint of an integrator it is a pleasure to treat his customers with eyebase. The functionality of the product, technical simplicity of integration and last but not least the support by the experienced eyebase team are paradigmatic. more...
  • hotelleriesuisse_thomet_gabriel mitgl d erweiterten gf leiter informatik1 Hotelleriesuisse «eyebase is very flexible and it is impressing how easy it is to integrate into other websites, so the feedback of our web agency....» Gabriel Thomet, Manager Informatics more...
  • Michael_Alschner_72 Michael Alschner, Photographer

    (Playboy, architecture, car and bike magazines, ...) "My life as photographer has become pretty busy with digital photography, as many workflows changed ..."

  • Roetehmund_Christian_Isover Saint-Gobain ISOVER SA “The project development seemed to me to be very, very professional ...”
    Christian Roethenmund, Marketing Director more...
  • smith_and_nephew_andreas_baumann-45x45 Smith and Nephew “The eyebase e-commerce module allows it to expand into web-to-print, enabling our subsidiaries to order various marketing materials, both digital and in print ...”
    Andreas Baumann, Manager Marketing Communications, Smith and Nephew more...


DVS Verband

The DVS occupational union is one more large organziation that trusts eyebase when it comes to managing and distributin digital media. 80 regional associations, 350 educational establishments and its own media house issuing many magazines and publications use eyebase to streamline their media workflow.

Website: DVS Verband

bischoff scheck bilddatenbank

Bischoff Scheck AG

Everybody knows their cool trucks from Formula 1 racing broadcasts. The world market leader buids special mobiles including motor-sport trailers, horse-trailers or mobile technical units and medical laboratories. eyebase is being used for public relations, marketing as well as in the production process.

Website: Bischoff Scheck AG



The Association of Swiss Electricians serves their 2000 members with 32 employees since 1906. The eyebase installation manages pictures and documents für all members and is seemlessly bound into the TYPO3 web portal, also connected to the member directory for permissioning.

Website: VSEI

vigier eyebase

Vigier Holding

Vigier Holding is the leading swiss producer of cement, sand,  gravel, ready-mix concrete and other concrete products ranging from railway to waste disposal solutions. Founded in 1871 and ever since leading the market with innovative products also today one demonstrates cutting-edge practises with the implementation of an eyebase media asset management system.
Website: Vigier Holding


Schumann Solutions GmbH

External project management (series defects in industry, elimination of non-conformities, supplier qualification and product qualification) as well as project development are the core competencies of our customer. Using eyebase media asset management Schumann organises pictures, documents and technical drawings mainly to share with its customers.
Website: Schumann Solutions GmbH


Mitchell Senior High

More and more schools and universities use digital asset managment systems. Mitchell Senior High uses eyebase to collect, manage and distribute alumni club pictures. Students are able to email them to the system which notifies administrators who authorise them to be published automatically on different channels.



The Moscow Bolschoi Theatre only uses the world´s best orchestra equipment manufactured in Germany by Kolberg. The woldwide positioned brand Kolberg on the other hand only uses the best image database system and manages 1.5 TB of data with eyebase.


Direct Marketing Video

Direct Marketing Video is a service that distributes short video messages to email recipients. eyebase is being used to manage the vast amout of video content and to distribute the clips to a selected large number of recipients.



A broom is a broom. But not if it’s made by Koziol, in this case it is a piece of art.
Koziol manufactures design-elements for kitchen, bathrooms, living and lifestyle. The companie´s perfect marketing appearance is backed up by the innovative image library system eyebase.



A lage scale eyebase installation with a SOAP interface to their main website allows to manage images of all members of the Swiss Hotel Association . It will be a showcase for tourism institutions standardising image handling and distribution to hotel booking platforms. The project will soon be featured as a detailed “showcase” on our website.

lightbox project


Lightbox-Project was founded by the photographers Robert Pichler and Robert May and is an established plattform for communication, information exchange, workshops and exhibitions. The professional Studio is also available for rent.
The photographers use eyebase to organise and distribute their work to clients, also an image library accessible for some clients and managed by the photogrphers is being kept in eyebase.

photo adventure messe eyebase bilddatenbank


The annual Photo+Adventure fair counts more than 150 exhibitors on 5000+ square meters of floor space. More than 20000 visitors are expected for the 2013 event. To manage and efficiently distribute the vast amount of media an eyebase SaaS installation is beeing used by the organising company.

lorch schweisstechnik eyebase bilddatenbank kunde


LORCH is the market leading company for industrial welding systems sold in 60 countries with a total annual turnover of more than 30 Mil Euro and almost 200 employees. “We have to exactly meet then needs and expectations of our customers” can be read on their website. It is quite evident why the market leader selected eyebase to be their image database system, as for eyebase the same formula for success applies.

academy of fine artes eyebase  customer

Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna holds one of the most important graphical collections worldwide. eyebase is being used as a collection management system as well as a content management system for publishing parts of the collection or exhibitions to the web. this is being done using an eyebase research client embedded in the website.


ASK Chemicals GmbH

Global player, ASK Chemicals GmbH, offers customers high-quality, holistic solutions and innovative consultancy services tailored to the foundry materials sector.
For more than 1800 employees in 24 countries with 30 subsidiaries perfect media asset management using eyebase is able to streamline all kinds of workflows including digital images, video and documents.


Schley´s Flower Paradiese

Schley´s Flower Paradiese is a chain of flower hypermarkets located in Germany. More than 100 employees work on a total floor space of more than 14000m2. eyebase manages product pictures, advertisements as well as data of market analysis that is distributed internally.



Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. In 2011, the Group generated with over 9,400 employees worldwide net sales of around 1.5 billion euros. eyebase is being used worldwide to manage and distribute digital media assets.

gasser baumaterialien

Gasser Holding AG

Gasser Holding AG is a public holding company comprising 11 companies in the fields of construction and distribution of building material through do-it-yourself outlets. The eyebase digital asset management system is used to organise images, documents and video content for automatic distribution to diverse targets such as their catalogue production system “Media Solution” and their web shop system.


Munich Metropolitan Region

The challenges presented by economic globalisation make it necessary to think and act politically in larger spatial categories. The Association “Munich Metropolitan Region” is networking with players of the economic sector, infrastructure, science and public institutions. eyebase digital asset management software plays an important role in managing and distributing information amongst these.


Diocese of Wuerzburg

In the organisational structure of the Catholic Church, media affairs are within the remit of media asset management (libraries, AV media etc), public relations and the editorial offices (for the various print productions). We are happy to help the Diocese of Wuerzburg, one of Germany’s largest ecclesiastical institutions, to accomplishing their goals using eyebase software.



As a university spin off We Grow GmbH grows rare, special plants. We Grow offers investment opportunities for private or institutional investors interested in long term capital gains backed up with plantations.
eyebase is being used for brand management and DAM purposes as well as for supporting PR and marketing efforts.

diakonie stetten eyebase customer

Diakonie Stetten

The service rendering institution is locally organized around the City of Stuttgart / Germany with operative offices, clinics and rehab centers in the area. Through its activities in compliance with business oriented resonsibility they try to locate and facilitate synergies and avoid double tracked structures often found in the health sector.
“Diakonie Stetten” was established in 1849 in Riet/Enz and has since then significantly affected therapeutic pedagogical and medical progress.
eyebase mediasuite is being used as a classic media asset management system.



Wherever you are in the world, from Hong Kong to Brazil, from Russia to South Africa, laundry is ironed by machine and it is done by Kannegiesser machines. Whether in hotels, hospitals or industrial laundries, as the established market leader Kannegiesser products are ubiquitous.

All five production locations as well as the global distribution channel work with eyebase. Integrated with Apple iPads, relevant information is available to the sales reps. offline.

Kannegiesser web site


Klinikum Rhön

The corporation Rhoen Clinics is one of Germany´s largest health service companies. In more than 90 locations spread all over Germany Rhoen Clinics provide health services for more than 2 mil patients generating turn over of € 2.55 bil annually with 38000 employees.

eyebase is being used to manage media assets of all branch offices and subsidiaries within one single application.

malteser logo eyebase mediasuite

Malteser International

With over one million members and supporters, Malteser International is one of the largest charitable organisations in Germany. Between the registered charity and its corporate enterprise there are more than 500 locations nation wide.
This customer manages images of relief efforts and internal image materials using eyebase and distributes the images through workflows to the outside world.

horvath and partners

Horvath and Partners

As “Performance Architects”, we help our clients – major enterprises and mid-sized companies from industry, retailing and the service sector, as well as public organizations – to sustainably improve their performance in the fields of Strategy and Innovation, Process and Organization, and Control and Finance. From now on also with eyebase mediasuite digital asset management.



The multinational confectionery manufacturer is now using eyebase company wide. Controlling media and product data specific to the national branches world wide. Web site: Haribo

eyebase kunde van baerle ag

van Baerle

van Baerle from the Switzerland Canton Basel Land specialises in medical hygiene and silicate. This eyebase installation is used for their product documentation and image management.


Richard Tanzer

Highly acclaimed photographer of Austrian celebs: art, people and events from Richard Tanzer.
Website: Richard Tanzer


Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München

The Archbishop of Munich (Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München) has installed eyebase mediasuite with all media modules: images, documents, video and audio files.


Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew specialises in medical prostheses and artificial joints. This eyebase installation implements both print-on-demand and an on-line store: a complete solution with currency conversion, automatic calculation of shipping costs and much more.



Ormed – leading company for medical engeneering – use eyebase mediasuite for their user manuals and image management.


Switzerland Tourism

The official marketing agency of the Swiss Board of Tourism has been established to promote Switzerland as a touristic destination for holiday bookings. Also Switzerland as a country with many important congresses and fairs is being made known worldwide. eyebase is being used as a backend for a hotel database automatically publishing pictures to portals.
Website: Switzerland Tourism

Verein Abo

Verein Abo

This innovative Vorarlberg company specializes in installation work and children’s playgrounds. Using eyebase mediasuite, Slideshows are create for the organisation’s website and product images / documents are managed.
Website: Verein Abo

Hannover Rückversicherung

Hannover Rückversicherung (Hannover Re-insurance)

Hannover Rückversicherung manages images, documents, logos etc., enterprise-wide.
Website: Hannover Rückversicherung

ACE Controls International

ACE Controls International

This global leader in shock absorbers and hydraulic feed controls will use eyebase mediasuite for their user manuals and documentation.
Website: ACE Controls International

Peter Hawk

Peter Hawk

Peter Hawk, one of the so-called “Wild Young Ones” of the photographic scene, uses eyebase SmartStart with workflows optimized for photographers: Out of the camera, into Photoshop Lightroom® 3, then into eyebase SmartStart for distribution to the customer within 3 minutes.
Website: Peter Hawk



airberlin’s press department uses eyebase to manage it’s wide range of media & brochures.
Website: airberlin

iba hamburg

iba hamburg

The International Construction Exhibition “IBA-Hamburg”: urban planning for the future with media management in eyebase.
Website: iba hamburg



Trends in the auto industry. Automedia keeps its eye on the future of automobiles with eyebase.
Website: automedia

Michael Alschner

Michael Alschner

An eyebase customer from the start. Cars and people photographed by Michael Alschner.
Website: Michael Alschner

König Verbindungstechnik KVT

König Verbindungstechnik

KVT is now running eyebase with 5 licences and 20 research licences.
Website: König Verbindungstechnik

BDO Visura

BDO Visura

The Swiss financial services (auditing & fiduciary) company installed eyebase for the management and distribution of images and documents.
Website: BDO Visura

Province of Vorarlberg

Province of Vorarlberg

The province of Vorarlberg archives all AV media with a regional context using eyebase Video Suite – a total of over 70 terabytes of data.
Website: Province of Vorarlberg



In the BMW Group’s historical archive, eyebase provides video technology including automated archival of film.
Website: BMW AG

Bourquin SA

Bourquin SA

Swiss packaging professionals rely on eyebase.
Website: Bourquin SA

Brieger Verpackungen

Brieger Verpackungen

The Swiss packaging specialists rely on eyebase.
Website: Brieger Verpackungen



The percussion specialist Meinl uses eyebase for worldwide marketing and product catalogues.
Website: Meinl

Brunner GmbH Büromöbel

Brunner GmbH Büromöbel (Brunner Office Furniture)

Comprehensive online image database with product catalog and “research client” for the world-wide sales channel.
Website: Brunner GmbH Büromöbel


Militärbischofsamt Berlin

The Militärbischofsamt (Catholic Church’s military Bishopric) in Berlin uses eyebase for public relations management.
Website: Militärbischofsamt Berlin

Bund Deutscher Baumschulen - German Association of Aboretums

Bund Deutscher Baumschulen (German Association of Aboretums)

Extensive wood-database with webshop.
Website: Bund Deutscher Baumschulen

Média Montagne

Média Montagne

The leading Swiss adverting professionals, in the field of mountain & outdoors, manages all advertising copy and related images using eyebase.
Website: La Montagne



The Swiss gas provider installs eyebase company-wide for the management of media files.
Website: Carbagas



Global leaders in digitisation, Scansam uses eyebase mediasuite for the organisation of order and the delivery of scans to customers.
Website: Scansam



Trendy car photography. The stars of the road tomorrow in the viewfinder today.
Website: carparazzi



Hans Lehman: the grand seigneur of car photography now manages his “prototypes” – as the secret models of tomorrow are known – with eyebase.
Website: Lehmann

SBB Swiss Federal Railway

SBB Swiss Federal Railway

SBB is installing eyebase company-wide. All internal departments as well as 400 external partners are included in the solution. This eyebase project, designed by our partner Stämpfli, replaces a smaller MAM solution.
Website: SBB Swiss Federal Railway



This specialist in plastics for the automotive industry manages its extensive media holdings with eyebase.
Website: ContiTech

Creabeton Materiaux

CreaBeton Materiaux

The Swiss concrete specialist is committed to enterprise-wide management of images and documents with eyebase, including a research client for 100 simultaneous users.
Website: Creabeton Materiaux

Sporthotel Stock

Sporthotel Stock

Pictures and videos managed and published by this huge Alpine sport hotel through its website as an additional service to its guests – all done using eyebase connectivity.
Website: Sporthotel Stock

CTT - Cusanus Trägergesellschaft Trier

CTT – Cusanus Trägergesellschaft Trier

Cusanus Trägergesellschaft Trier (CTT) operates on behalf of charity organizations in the field of health care and elderly care.
Website: CTT – Cusanus Trägergesellschaft Trier

Lista AG

Lista AG

Innovative Swiss plastics technologists make use of eyebase media management.
Website: Lista AG



SwissTrails GmbH uses the eyebase platform as a hub for the collection of image data, processing and distribution through various publications channels in both web and print.
Website: SwissTrails

Energie Wasser Luzern

Energie Wasser Luzern

The City of Lucern’s municipal services have, with immediate effect, begun using eyebase mediasuite corporation-wide for all their media management needs. Images, documents and AV media are centrally managed and distributed.
Website: Energie Wasser Luzern



Switzerland’s largest energy network also puts it media management on a network. The municipal network has eyebase mediasuite for all aspects of media management.
Website: Swisspower

Energie Wasser Bern

Energie Wasser Bern

Stadtwerke Bern – leading company for energy, mobility, water, telematics and waste – make use of eyebase media management.
Website: Energie Wasser Bern

Stadtwerk Winterthur

Stadtwerk Winterthur

Stadtwerk Winterthur provides the complete range of municipal services: energy, water, fibre optics and waste management. For media management, eyebase is used in all operational areas.
Website: Stadtwerk Winterthur

Essl Museum

Essl Museum

Public Relations for museums: Innovative eyebase installation at Sammlung Essl/Klosterneuburg
Website: Essl Museum



PDF management with eyebase, by the finest of the major tour operators: travel catalogs created by eyebase on-the-fly.
Website: travelhouse



The Swiss furniture giant Giroflex uses eyebase to manage all product images and information. Read the showcase to find out what this customer keeps in eyebase.
Website: Giroflex

W22 Studios

W22 Studios

W22 is a photographer, photographic studio, props rental and workshop agency. eyebase mediasuit is in use for image management and customer distribution and downloads.
Website: W22 Studios

Graupner Modellbau

Graupner Modellbau (Graupner Model-Maker)

eyebase mediasuite at model-makers Graupner is put to use in the management of images and pre-press (including catalog production workflow).
Website: Graupner Modellbau



Latest information and news about the economy, with eyebase mediasuite.
Website: Wirtschaftsblatt